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Er DMC i Frankrike sedan 1987


Utflykter för att upptäcka många platser i Paris, för att se de magnifika Loire slott, att gå till Mont Saint-Michel ... Vi kan föreslå dig många olika slags utflykter!

An Stunning Fortresse Surrounded by the Sea



The fortress walls tell the story of its rich and varied history. Built in the 16th century to protect the town of Morlaix from English invasions, Vauban, a French military engineer who worked in the service of King Louis XIV and who was commissioned as a Marshal of France, undertook restoration work on the fortress during the 18th century. The fortress was completed in 1745, at the start of the War of the Austrian Succession, and became a prison. After this period, it did not undergo any other notable modifications apart from the addition of a white signal light, which was changed to red in the 19th century. 


After ascending three floors, visitors to the fortress can enjoy stunning panoramic views across the bay, with the Isle of Louët as the charming centrepiece. During the tour, participants are free to wander around the gangways and explore the entire site.


There are around fifteen information panels outlining the unusual history of the structure, while sound effects help to recreate period life in the main rooms. There are also telescopes and orientation plaques to help you decipher what’s on the horizon. Discover the daily life of soldiers in the garrisons and the prisoners here during the 18th century, then learn about the people whose histories are most closely linked with this place, such as Vauban, Blanqui, Vilmorin and Pidancet.