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Le Chateau des Dames


The château, also known as the Château des Dames, was built in 1513 by Thomas Bohier and Katherine Briçonnet, and embellished by Diane de Poitiers and then Catherine de’ Medici. It was protected from the destruction during the French Revolution by Madame Dupin.

In 1515 Thomas Bohier, revenue collector for King Francis I, began the construction of the Château de Chenonceau, making it one of the older Loire châteaux and one of the earliest Renaissance buildings in France. 


In 1535, however, Francis I seized the estate as part of a debt repayment and the château became a royal location. King Henry II decided to offer it to Diane de Poitiers, but Queen Catherine de’ Medici, widow of Henry II, quickly deposed Diane de Poitiers and installed the authority of the young king, her son, at Chenonceau.


In the 18th century, it was Louise Dupin, Lady of the Enlightenment, who welcomed at Chenonceau the greatest French scholars, philosophers and academicians. This exceptional woman was the first to draft a Code of Women’s Rights with the assistance of her secretary, Jean-Jacques Rousseau.


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