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Welcome to a magical world, where the humble apple is transformed into the delicate and subtle nectar of Calvados. Discover the heritage of this world-famous brandy.


Visitors can immerse themselves in the Calvados Experience tour, which takes them through where and how the famous apple brandy is made. They can also enjoy tasting sessions, which provide a unique sensory experience. With an area of more than 3000m², the Calvados Experience tour site offers a comprehensive history of and a real tribute to this iconic spirit.  


When and how can Calvados be consumed?

• As an apéritif (with young Calvados):
- neat, or with an ice cube
- in cocktails such as the Green Heart or the excellent Apple Mojito created by Marc Jean, Head Barman at the Hôtel Barrière Le Normandy in Deauville.

• During a meal (most often with young Calvados or one that is only slightly aged):
- to accompany marinated fish
- to accompany cheeses, especially those from Normandy
- to accompany apple or chocolate-based desserts.

• As a digestive (a well-aged Calvados is best for this):
- neat, or with a square of dark chocolate or a cigar.


Calvados Tasting

Eyes for the colour: From pale yellow in the youngest Calvados to a very deep mahogany for the oldest, its brilliance and clarity is always magnificent. It is worth taking the time to swirl the brandy in the glass before drinking to admire its glinting colour.

Nose for the aroma: It is common to sniff the glass without swirling the contents for the ‘first nose’. Swirling the glass allows the oxygen within to release the nuances and complexities of the aroma, after which comes the ‘second nose’.

Mouth for the taste: Calvados is to be sipped slowly, passing the contents around the inside of the mouth. Tasting allows the drinker to discern th