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Ваш организатор выездных мероприятий во Франции с 1987 года


Экскурсии, чтобы открыть для себя много мест в Париже, увидеть великолепные замки Луары, отправиться на Мон Сен-Мишель ... Мы можем предложить вам много разных видов экскурсий!

The Fécamp Palace


The legend of Fécamp Abbey began when Benedictine monk Dom Bernardo Vincelli created a secret elixir which met with such resounding success that the Benedictine monks at Fécamp continued to produce it until the French Revolution, a troubled era in the course of which the recipe for the famous elixir was lost.

In 1863 Alexandre Le Grand, a wine trader from Fécamp, found the recipe for the lost elixir. Intrigued, he decided to decipher the recipe and after a year’s effort succeeded in reconstituting it. The elixir thus became a liqueur named Benedictine, a tribute to Dom Bernardo Vincelli. Le Grand had the sumptuous Palais Bénédictine built to provide a prestigious setting for the distillery of the liqueur.


• Bénédictine Essence

Benedictine Essence is a unique experience that allows participants to discover the art of perfume making, by comparing it with the blending of the raw materials used to produce spirit beverages.
Led by Corinne Marie-Tosello, a consultant and olfactory trainer at Fragonard Parfumeur
and founder of the Connessens Company in Grasse, participants take part in an olfactory workshop – an introduction to the essences of plants used to make Benedictine liqueur – and train to improve their olfactory memory.

• Workshop duration: 90 minutes, for 12 to 20 people, in French, English and Italian.


• La Visite Passion

The Palais Bénédictine is truly a symbol of stunning architectural beauty. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is home to both a distillery and a Museum of Sacred Art, which stand side by side on the site of the structure.
The museum’s collection includes rare and precious pieces associated with the history of the abbey, which was founded in 1001, as well as documents, advertisements and unique works relating to the famous liqueur itself.

• Tour duration: 2 hours, for 6 to 16 people,
in English and French.


• Bénédictine Gourmet

At an exceptional lunch or dinner prepared by a renowned caterer, visitors can discover the subtle marriage of Benedictine cuisine with high-quality Norman specialties. A Benedictine  cocktail is served with appetisers, followed by a range of appetising, creative dishes.

• Meal duration: 2 hours, for 12 to 20 people, at lunch or dinner.