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Excursões para descobrir muitos lugares em Paris, para ver os incríveis castelos do Loire, para ir ao Mont Saint-Michel ... Podemos propor-lhe muitos tipos diferentes de excursões!

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With a wide variety of landscapes and remarkable architectural and natural heritage, the Occitan region will help you to discover France in different ways. From the mountain reliefs of the Pyrenees to the Cevennes National Park’s tranquility. Find in the Occitanie the destination you are looking for, in harmony with the Nature!


For authentic natural landscapes of extraordinary beauty, Occitanie is the perfect destination. Travel thousands of years back in time to the prehistoric caves in the Ariège Pyrenées, home to the Cave of Niaux, the Lombrives and Mas d’Azil caves, and many more. Discover the old Roman city of Nîmes with a visit to the Arena, or even take a trip to the holy town of Lourdes and enjoy the Grotto of Apparitions.


Come and visit the capital of the Occitanie, Toulouse, also known as the “Ville Rose” (Pink City) because of its building in pink brick. Or come discover the old Catalan city of Perpignan where you will discover the Majorque King’s Palace.