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photo de la bretagne


Brittany is a fascinating mix of spectacular coastline, medieval towns, magical islands and inland wood. This is a region full of histories and legends where locals still celebrate Breton culture.

With a huge 2800km of coastline, Brittany is responsible for producing 80% of France’s internationally renowned shellfish. On the northern coast, visitors can enjoy the citadels, ramparts and charming cobbled streets of the walled city of Saint-Malo. Equally stunning is the Pink Granite Coast of Ploumanac’h, which boasts magnificent sea views for miles around. On the west coast, stop by the naval town of Brest or the idyllic Crozon peninsula, and to the south, after visiting the tranquil Quiberon peninsula, timely visitors can also enjoy the annual Inter-Celtic Festival of Lorient.


A strong Celtic background stands out the Brittany from other parts of France. The Celtic traditions are still going strong; the Breton language remains proudly spoken, while cultural festivals celebrate Celtic music and dance, (Fest-noz or the International Celtic festival of Lorient) Visit some mysterious Celtic places where you can see a lot of ancient standing stones, dolmens, cairns like in Carnac, Locmariaquer and Camaret.