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An Exceptional Natural Landscape

Discover the charming village of Ploumanac’h and its striking local landmark, the Mean Ruz lighthouse. The village was voted ‘France’s favourite village’ back in 2015, and it’s easy to see why. The lighthouse is perched on a huge block of pink granite, and blends perfectly into the curious backdrop of the strange and spectacular rock formations that surround it.

From the lighthouse, visitors can enjoy an exquisite view of the Château de Costaéres, Renote Island and the Sept Îles archipelago.

If the view is too enticing, then why not take a boat trip to see the Sept-Îles archipelago more closely? Birdwatchers will especially enjoy its 40,000 nesting gannets, along with its 26 other species of native seabird, including Atlantic puffins, razorbills and northern fulmars. The archipelago also affords an exceptional view of the Pink Granite Coast from a different perspective.

Back on dry land, the historical town of Lannion is a great starting point for a visit to the rural Trégor province, which is crossed by the picturesque Léguer river.

Ploumanac’h and the Pink Granite Coast are absolute must-sees on any tour of Brittany, so do not hesitate to contact us for enquiries about hotels, restaurants or excursions in or around the area.