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The Largest Château in the Loire Valley!


The exceptional Château de Chambord can be found at the heart of the Boulogne Forest in a 13,000-acre park (which includes 11,000 acres of woodland). With a 128-metre façade, 440 rooms and 365 chimneys, the Château de Chambord is the largest of the Loire châteaux. The park is surrounded by a 32km wall, making it the largest enclosed forested area in Europe and an enduring symbol of the power of the French monarchy. 

The plan of the structure itself contains the fortified château, a 156-metre rectangular surrounding wall, and four circular towers at each corner.


An incredible staircase


Château de Chambord’s famous double spiral staircase is a remarkable architectural feat, and was probably designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Its ingenious construction allows two people to go up and down the stairs without passing each other!

Opening hours:

Open all year round.

March 31 - October 28: 9am - 6pm

October 29 - March 30: 9am - 5pm