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The Megaliths: Mysteries of Carnac


The Morbihan area is home to more than 550 megalithic sites, and Carnac in particular is known throughout the world for its unique rows of ancient standing stones. One of the most important sites of European prehistory in existence, what makes the Carnac megaliths so special is their extraordinary alignment and their sheer number. Altogether, they form the largest gathering of standing stones of this type in the world. The two main sites (Ménec and Kermario) alone account for nearly 3000 menhirs.

To this day, the structures are shrouded in mystery. According to legend, the menhirs could represent a stone army or a place of worship, with dolmens and tumuli being individual or collective graves. The alignments probably had a holy significance and the whole site was almost certainly ceremonial and religious in nature.

The power of ancient monumental architecture.

The Carnac stones are free to visit from October to March.

From April to September, it is only possible to visit as part of a paid tour with a guide.

The sites at Ménec and Kermario both have car parks.