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The Ancient City of Glanum


The very first Gallic tribes settled at the heart of the Alpille Mountains around the year 600BC, close to a spring in the valley that was famous since prehistoric times for its healing powers.


In the 2nd century BC, the Celto-Ligurian tribe of the Salyens built a prosperous city around the spring, which contained Hellenistic architectural influences from the Greeks who had advanced inland from Marseille around this time. Drawn to the city, the Romans took over Glanum in 27BC and erected temples, baths, theatres and a forum. Under Roman influence, the focal point of the city remained the sacred spring. In 260AD, Glanum was overrun and destroyed by the Alamanni and was subsequently abandoned. 


Les Antiques

The ancient city’s triumphal arch and mausoleum were, for a long time, the only visible vestiges of the Roman Empire in the area. Today, they are known as Les Antiques. These monuments marked the entrance to the city of Glanum.


The first archaeological excavation around Glanum began in 1921 under Pierre de Brun, followed by Henri Rolland. Their findings resulted in the site of Glanum as we know it today.


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